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» Who is Titanex?

Titanex started 1994 and was established 1997. 25 Years of experience in worldwide business of Special Metals! Sourcing worldwide. Selling worldwide. Based on a very popular website providing all visitors the information hard to find anywhere else. All put together easy accessed by an internal effective search engine.
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Andreas Fluekiger

Malin Flükiger

After Engineering school in 1985 as a Mechanical Engineer I worked 6 ½ Years for Schlatter. I went to Russia, Bulgaria, Algeria ... Each between 3 and 10 months. The Russian project in Likino gave me a lot of life experience. No Dollars, no fresh food, no alcohol..... Only the Short Wave Radio with its antenna on the roof of the Hotel. A good time!

I made my Diploma in Business Administration. 1993 - 1995 learned the Titanium business 1993/94. Since late 94 working on my own. Started as a profit center within my father's company FlükoTER AG. On 1st of October 97 Titanex GmbH was established. We always have fun serving our customers and give them a good surprise when offering difficult to get sizes / materials / tolerances.

Malin joined in 1996. She has a masters degree in economics and takes today care of all our accounting.

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