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SML Ti Tube Grade 5

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» Titanium Grades

Physical, Mechanical and Chemical Properties are listed including Fabrication Information by each Grade.

Titanium is defined by its Grade. In fact the Grade seems very often - to me at least - just as a randomized number. Grade 1 through 4 are commercially pure Grades. Grade 7 and 11 contain a bit Paladium. 0.2 %. So I wouldn't call this an Alloy. Ti Grade 5 in fact is the widely used Titanium Alloy. Ti6Al4V. An other one is Grade 19 the Titanium Beta C. Used as a spring material.

Use the Navigation on top to select your Titanium Grade of interest. For each Grade you find the Chemical, Physical and Mechanical Propertires and some Fabrication Information. All printer friendly.

Common used Bety Titanium

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