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astm grade 5 titanium
Tues., 04. Feb. 2020

PLS consult relevant specifications! Grade 5 - also known as Ti6Al4V is available under several and mostly important - different - specifications.
In fact often Grade 5 Medical is looked up while there is no such Grade 5 under any medical spec. Same for Grade 23.
Many years ago we used Grade 5 ELi, then Grade 23 - but today. There is for medical only Ti6Al4V ELi. No Grade. In ASTM F 136 as ISO 5832-3 you find Ti6Al4V ELi.
PLS make sure you made relevant changes on time to your documentation. On your Request for Quotes. To avoid confusion. To avoid in worst case receiving and using wrong none medical certified material.

PS: Even if the Mill Certificate states Grade 5 ASTM F 136 - it cannot be found within ASTM F 136!

PSPS: go to downloads page for more documents - free to download.

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