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» Meet Titanex @ Technology for Medical Devices 2020 Stuttgart
Swiss Pavillion 9D35
5th - 7th May 2020

Andreas Fluekiger CEO Titanex SwitzerlandT4M 2020 - The new trade fair for medical technology in Stuttgart
»Meet new and existing suppliers at T4M, the new trade fair for medical technology from Messe Stuttgart. Have informative technical discussions and find concrete solutions for your individual challenges. With the Start-up World, two forums, workshops or guided tours and much more, the supporting programme provides you with many new impulses for your daily work. Last but not least, the excellent connections to Stuttgart Airport and the proximity to Tuttlingen, Switzerland and neighbouring European countries enable you to visit the trade fair efficiently«.
says VDMA Medical Technology Working Group
Andreas Fluekiger CEO Titanex Switzerland
5th - 7th May 2020
Swiss Pavillion 9D35

Please do contact TitanexContact us for Your free Ticket to the Show.
The T4M Ticket gives you also free Access to the Control Trade Show!

» Samples to see

  • Titanex Titanium Profile Medical FoilTantalum Foil ASTM B 708 RO5200 - 0.2 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Seamless Titanium Tube Grade 9 ASTM B 338, passed preassure test at 5000 psi, OD 8 x Wall 0.4 mm x R/L (12 m)
  • Titanium Strand 7 x 7 wires Ti6Al4V ELI ASTM F 136, OD 1.8 x L 900 mm
  • Titanium Fine Wire Grade 1 ASTM F 67, dia 0.10 mm
  • Titanium Foil, cold rolled, Grade 5 Ti6Al4V, 0.08 x 80 mm
  • Niobium Washer, ASTM B 392 RO4210
  • Ti Folie Gr 1 0.1 mm
  • Ta Rohr AD 10 x W 1 mm
  • Ta Rohr AD 3.6 x W 0.2 mm
  • Ta Folie 0.15 x 20 mm
  • Ta Marker dia 0.91 mm
  • Ti Profil Gr 4
  • Moly Bauteil
  • Ti Seil 7x7, AD 1.8 mm
  • Ti Folie Ti6Al4V 0.08 mm
  • Ti Draht dia 0.1 mm
  • Ti Rohr AD 8 x W 0.4 mm
  • W90Cu10 Stab

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